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Boro helps partner merchants to offer an attractive EMI option, delivered via a convenient digital process, as a powerful tool to convert more, sell more.

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Attract more prospective customers, convert more of them from enquiries to actual business, & enable the converts to make larger purchases.

+20% ↑ More Customers

When you convert upfront payments to low-interest rate EMIs, as it helps them with an attractive alternative to other credit products in the market.

+30% ↑ Average Order Value

When customers buy using the EMI option, it helps them focus on the monthly cost of their purchases, rather than one time cash outlays.

-50% ↓ Time to Order

When customers are offered a limited validity 0% EMI offer that they cannot refuse!

And, ZERO Risk to you

As we settle with you upfront, on customer's authorization; thus, assuming all the credit & fraud risk.

Collateral Free Loan

Unsecured loans upto Rs. 25 Lacs, for a period upto 60 months

Minimal Documentation

Minimal docs required, which can be shared online

Instant Soft Approval

Provide basic details & get an instant soft approval

Quick Disbursals

Directly to bank account of partner merchant - without any repayment liability

Frequently Asked Questions

My customers normally don't ask for an EMI option...

Customers don't ask because they do not expect to get an EMI option from you. If they know that you provide one, & at better rates, wouldn't they prefer you? Now, they can not only purchase from you, but with your help, also pay for it in easy installments!

What if customers come prepared with a top-up or a personal loan?

We have seen that many such customers instead opted for a loan via Boro because of the attractive interest rates & convenient process. They either did not proceed forward, or prepaid the loan (if already taken), or used it for some of their other needs.

Are the customer leads safe with Boro?

Yes, absolutely! Details submitted by the customer are solely used for assessing their credit eligibility & interest rates, & no other purpose. The bedrock of our business is the trust placed in us by our partner merchants.

How do we track customers that submit the EMI application ?

You can track the status of an existing application or enquiries submitted via chatbot, by logging in to the dashboard provided.